Free online flowchart mind map

A professional and powerful drawing tool that supports real-time online collaboration among multiple people. It can be used to draw various graphics such as prototypes, UML, BPMN, network topology diagrams, etc.
Free to use



Mind Notes

Graphics Library

Quick start and easy to use
Compatible with mainstream Mindmap operations, flexible key control and smooth experience.
Feature-rich, professional and powerful
Supports Markdown, inserts LaTeX mathematical formulas, and converts to outline, Word, PPT, Excel, etc. with one click.
Personalized style customization
Provides a variety of preset theme styles, you can also freely design your favorite style.
Multi-format import and export
Supports importing and exporting files in various formats, including Visio, POS, high-definition images, PDF, etc.
One-click beautification is efficient and convenient
Complex logic, simple drawing, fast typesetting, efficient and easy to use.
Multi-person collaborative cloud storage
Multi-person drawing, multi-terminal synchronization, real-time storage, historical version traceability, and guaranteed file security.
One-click switch mind map
Flexibly switch between Mindmap and mind notes to freely define your working method.
Document componentization
Mind Notes can freely insert and synchronously edit flowcharts and mind map files.
Various graphics tools
Supports drawing of various professional graphics such as prototype diagrams, UML, BPMN, network topology diagrams, etc.
Team component library
Customize the team component library to make drawing more standardized.
Multi-scenario cross-terminal application